You probably feel out-of-control and exhausted. You cannot escape your worries and fears, no matter how you try to avoid them or distract yourself. CBT for anxiety disorders is designed to help you put your fears in perspective. Your therapist will help you see your own strengths in the face of your fears so that you can stop avoiding and gain control over your own choices again.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Worry and anxiety can become a habit in your brain. Even while it feels like your anxiety is uncontrollable and the worry is inevitable, we can use structured strategies to take a step back, broaden your perspective, and focus your attention on effective patterns of thinking.

Social Anxiety

You want to connect meaningfully with others, but your brain always predicts the worst-case scenarios. Your anxiety increases. You can’t calm down. You either feel overwhelmed with anxiety or you avoid social situations altogether. With help, you can learn to recognize the negative patterns in your thoughts, challenge those thoughts, and be more skillful and confident with the people around you.

Panic Disorder

Once you have felt it – the heart pounding, shaking, cant catch your breath fear – you never want to feel it again. But now, your life is limited. You are working hard to NOT have another panic attack. We offer a safe, structured program to help you understand and overcome your fear in about 12 weeks.